Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

front view bun

 Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes



200g margarine

200g caster sugar

4 eggs

200g self raising flour

seedless raspberry jam

12 pretty strawberrys (no uglies allowed)

12 strawberrys to cut

5 digestive biscuits

Cream Cheese Frosting

100g butter softened

200g cream cheese

450g icing sugar

1 tsp Vanilla paste


Cream margarine and sugar until light and fluffy.

Add one egg at a time with a little flour and mix together until all combined.

Fill 12, good quality, thick bun cases with mixture half way up the case. Don’t be tempted to put more in or you won’t be able to fit in the strawberrys.

Oven bake fan 160c until spongy, don’t wait until they have turned brown, this is too long. Usually 20 mins will do it but each oven varies. hand plain bun

hey presto cupcakes!

Once cool, then add a layer of raspberry jam to each bun. Yes… I said these buns were Strawberry cupcakes but I personally find the cakes too sweet if I use strawberry, so, raspberry jam it is as its a little sharper. hand jam bun

were jammin..

Then slice small strawberrys to sit n top of the jam, they need to be small or your bun will break up when eaten. They should be sitting on top of your buns in a nice orderly fashion.

bun strawberrys

Time to make the cream cheese frosting ( although you can do this while the buns are baking to save time)

Soften the butter, and mix together with the cream cheese, add the icing sugar through a sieve until you have a stiff buttercream. It needs to be stiff to hold the biscuits and a strawberry on top. When desired consistency is achieved, add the vanilla paste, the lovely vanilla seeds will peep through, giving a nice gentle sweetness.

Using a piping nozzle of your choice, mine was a star nozzle, pipe a generous amount of icing onto your cupcake, making lots of grooves for the biscuit to sit in and a nice tall tower to parade your pretty strawberry!


Bash up your biscuits until a fine crumb is achieved and sprinkle generously over the frosting. This is what gives it the cheese cake taste and texture.

And for the grand finale..the pretty strawberry

top  view bunfront view bun

Chill in the fridge until ready to eat.

And……..enjoy. Mwah x


Who’s right?

Some days are just too much...
Some days are just too much…

Some days are just too much.

Some days are just too stressful.

Some days are just too hectic.

Some days are just too much.

For the past few weeks this has been my pattern. This is all I seem to be thinking or saying.

I guess Ive been spoilt, having time off work after Libby was born (maternity leave), having time to play with her, taking the boys to school, making home cooked lunches and dinners, bath times, story times, cosy bed times. Yes I’ve been very spoilt….or have I?

Isn’t this what parents should be doing?

Isn’t this the pattern of what home life should be? Or am I thinking more like a 1950s housewife?

I only work 3 days a week, and I still struggle with the onslaught of emotion I get when I get home at 6pm, my children are tired, emotional, stressed, angry, miserable, and after a busy day at work I feel the same, it’s a recipe for disaster. The hour between 6 and 7 is the most stressful of the week. Bath, story, milk, bed, sounds simple, but when faced with all 3 children with the above roller coaster emotions, its so hard.

so who is right?

So who is right?

Am I right working until 6pm ?

Is my childminder right for having them after school until I get them when they are already tired from being in school all day?

Is it right to think bugger the reading, I just want ten minutes talking to my child before they go to bed ?

Is it right that Daddy doesn’t see his children for days on end?

If you have the answer I’d love to know?

Maybe this is just how it is, maybe this is what parenting whilst working is like.

These are the things people neglect to tell you before you have babies, they don’t mention manic school runs, being late for work, never having a hot drink… ever, food or snot constantly on your clothes, never having time to just ….sit. Visiting friends, pah, you’ll spend every other minute taking Billy for a poo, or a wee, or a snack, or a time out, you might catch a snippet of one conversation and then you’ll have to leave to pick up Polly from pre school.

Some days are just too much.

Is Daddy coming home today?

It breaks my heart when the kids ask if they will see Daddy tonight, no sorry darlings, Daddy has to work late again, you will see him on Friday, maybe…

The deteriorating Daddy

Its so sad to see the deteriorating Daddy. The time spent at work lengthens, his tired eyes every night tell the tale, his heart breaks a little bit each day when he does see the children and he realises what he’s missed. So much pressure. To bring home the money, to be the man, I’d hate that job.

Some days are just too much.

Daddy and Libby
Daddy and Libby

The stone of Fate


In April 2013 we got married. We already had 3 boys and hubby said ‘enough was enough’. I couldn’t blame him , our life was fairly hectic.
Here we are sitting on a stone on Ilkley Moor on our wedding day havibg our photos taken. Unbeknown to us , here on this very rock was a name of a girl, chiselled into the rock that we were sat on.

Written in the stars.”

September 2015, we went for a walk and visited the rock that we sat on on our wedding day, except this time we took not only our sons but our daughter too. Libby.

Libby was the name written in the stone.

Im a firm believer in Fate, and I know that she was written in the stars long before we even thought it was possible.




The Airedale Heifer ,Sandbeds

I’m a foodie.
I love food, but it has to be good to get a review from me.

The Airedale Heifer at Sandbeds delivers just that, good food!

‘The heifer ‘ as I’ve always known it, has been a pub for as long as I can remember.  My Dad used to frequent the Heifer on a regular basis.
At one point the chef there did an amazing job and it was full to the brim every week…then as most chefs do at some point in their career,  they move on. Sadly this was the death of the Heifer.

Chefs leaving causes the death of the Heifer
For many years it continued to run as a pub that offered mediocre food at best, which suited my dad, as it meant he didn’t have to share the pub with lots of foodies!
Years rolled by and our only local saving grace for good food was The Busfeild Arms in East Morton or travel further afield to The Grouse Inn, Oldfield .
As a family we often still visited the Heifer and even had my dad’s wake there, but we didn’t eat, it just wasn’t good enough.

Then along came the re fit!
We contacted the Heifer in regards to holding our Daughters christening there and found out we couldn’t as they were having a re fit. I was extatic! I told every one! 
The Heifer had a major overhaul and was completely re invented into what it is today.

Micro brewery on site!
The Airedale Heifer was re born and it was executed in such good taste I was thrilled for them. The decor is warm and inviting, modern but cosy and now more of an eatery than a pub. At last we have great food on our doorstep!

At last we get to sample the food!


After waiting for the rush to die down , the hubby and I had a date night. We were greeted straight away by the bar staff and shown to our table. The waitress was friendly and prompt and delivered our drinks quickly so we could enjoy them whilst perusing our menus.
We had a few questions about some of the menu dishes and the waitress answered our questions with confidence and ease, no rushing back to the kitchen with unease and panic, what a refreshing change!
To start we ordered soup of the day, and sweet potato tart. (Pictured). It was so beautifully presented and tasted delicious.  We then had fish and chips which came with a bucket of scraps and doorstep bread and butter, yummy , and I went for the burger, not my usual choice of dining but if they can get this right they can do it all right in my eyes. It came in a brioche bun with delicious burger sauce and a solitary onion ring which I loved. It was top notch and could eat it again right now!
A solitary onion ring was all it needed!
We were stuffed! Hubby was in food heaven but I always leave room for dessert!
We chose the Beerbockerglory.  Yes…beer icecream! And it was good! Very creamy and hoppy! 
That was us done. 10/10 and if we had more time, money and baby sitters we would be there every week!
The main things we look for when we dine out are
Good food 👍
Good ambience 👍
Comfortable surroundings 👍
Excellent customer service 👍
Local produce 👍
Happy staff 👍
The Airedale Heifer has it all 😆


Cornish castle chaos


The stunning Cornwall coastline is one that keeps me longing for more,  8 hours in the car means that we do not visit often, in fact I’ve only been 2 times in my entire life! We visited this summer and tried to cram as much as we possibly could into our 10 days.

armed with 3 kids, endless crap that you need to keep them, fed, watered, clothed, lubed and medicated through the day, an off roading buggy and a flask of tea for me, we purchased a book about all the”best” beaches in Cornwall.

(ISBN 978 085025 422 8)

It proved to be the best book ever listing so many beaches we hadn’t even heard of, lots of information too on accessibility, local amenities, parking, disabled/pram access, dog friendly, etc, so armed with the book we headed out most days to explore.

We headed to Marazion, to the great castle in the sea that is St Michaels Mount. The kids weren’t too fussed about the castle, and we were so busy trying to watch that they didn’t fall from a turret that we were glad to escape to the gardens…

the gardens are beyond belief, Ive never seen anything as stunningly beautiful in England before. The whole island has its own micro climate and because of this tropical plants of all varieties grow and flourish here. They are 20 times as big as what you would see in that lovely warm area in your local garden centre, all blooming with flowers and curly leaves, hidden around corners and winding pathways.

We would have stayed all day, except the tide was coming in and I didn’t fancy lugging my off roader down 30 stone steps to the boat, along with 3 kids and the army of essential crap.

I have to say though, I also sampled the crab linguini and a cornish cider which along with the gardens made my day!

Mud glorious mud!

There something about MUD.

My children are just drawn to it like magnets. On this particular day they had come home from school and wanted to go straight out to play, fine, I said, go play!

Within 5 minutes that had emptied the water butt onto the garden and proceeded to jump around, make big puddles, ride their bikes through it, it didn’t look like too much damage was being done so I let them continue, another 5 minutes goes by and they decide to lay in the mud! Rolling around like mini tough mudders. At this point I could have called it a day, but to be honest the damage was now indeed done! It was 15 minutes until teatime, so I let them have free reign.

They absolutely loved it! muddy boys

That is until I got out my hose pipe! muddy boys wash