Is it ever too late to say sorry?


Something happens…..and for whatever reason you didn’t say sorry.
How long can it go until you can never say those words that need to be said?

Time is a healer

Will time heal the wound?
Time passes for everyone, everybody says “things get better in time”…but do they?  If you have ever said something or done something you need to apologise for and you didn’t say sorry how long would it be before it ate you up inside?

Choose carefully your words, as once they are spoken the cannot be forgotten,  only forgiven.

Saying sorry is a hard process.  It leaves you naked, your soul turned bare, waiting for the response…you can say sorry 1000 times and some people will never forgive you, what if that’s the case, you will have let your guard down for nothing, laid yourself open for no gain….but saying sorry is not about gain. It’s about saying “I am wrong”.

We have been taught from a very young age being wrong is bad, so bottling up a ‘sorry’ is expected…no-one wants to be wrong do they?
Everybody makes mistakes in life, says the wrong thing, does the wrong thing, we accept that children make mistakes often and teach them how to react differently or talk about the mistake, so why does that stop as adults? Being an adult has so many stresses and strains attached to it and the world is one big mystery …we are bound to make mistakes and say the wrong things now and then. So when you do, and you will, please explain why and say ….sorry. There is no time limit on sorry.

Everything is a learning curve