“Guilty feet have got no rhythm”

Why you don’t have to feel guilt when you eat my cakes.

When I started selling cakes and bakes I never thought the biggest non-selling brick wall I’d hit would be guilt.

Guilt plays a huge part in the buyers decision whether to make that purchase or not.

So many men and women like to eat healthy, lose weight, keep fit, look good and that is FANTASTIC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat my cakes. I’m talking specifically about my cakes here because I know exactly what goes into them.

snickers cupcakes

I’m not here for the big profit hit, or to be the next Mary Berry and be a millionaire (although that would be great I’m not going to lie!) I’m here to make a difference to how you eat treats and desserts, I’m here to give you a taste sensation, I’m here to take you away from the nasty ingredients that many mass produced cakes and bakes have in them, like palm oils, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, propylene glycol, fructose syrups, and trans fats.

I keep my ingredients clean and uncluttered and fresh and homemade. But the guilt isn’t just about being unhealthy, guilt also raises its head in the form of enjoyment.lib choc face

Enjoyment, pleasure, and happiness when eating is a bit of a taboo subject, we often don’t express our pleasure in eating something that tastes delicious and is seen as a treat, we eat it in secret or quickly so no-one sees us…scared that someone may judge us for making a wrong food choice or in case someone wants to take it away.

This has to be stopped!

Maybe it’s because I’m a Taurean and food is my best friend, this is why I cannot let guilt ruin your enjoyment of a cake that has been made by me, you’re killing my best friend!

Seriously though,

As a baker, days and weeks go into planning a new bake, reading recipe books, combining recipes, trial bakes, sourcing ingredients, learning new methods, purchasing the right equipment, listening to peoples feedback and wants, planning presentation and making sure it hits the taste spot.

I do this so that you can enjoy your treat GUILT FREE.

Know that all the effort I have and love and passion are poured into your bakes, know that each and every box I deliver I do it with pride and care and commitment. So eat that cake with pride, get out your best plates and dessert forks and make that cupcake the queen of your table. Know that all the ingredients when eaten sensibly will not harm your beautiful bodies. Libby bluebellsv age 2 1-2-4

Love yourself, love your food and don’t feel guilty.


Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

front view bun

 Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes



200g margarine

200g caster sugar

4 eggs

200g self raising flour

seedless raspberry jam

12 pretty strawberrys (no uglies allowed)

12 strawberrys to cut

5 digestive biscuits

Cream Cheese Frosting

100g butter softened

200g cream cheese

450g icing sugar

1 tsp Vanilla paste


Cream margarine and sugar until light and fluffy.

Add one egg at a time with a little flour and mix together until all combined.

Fill 12, good quality, thick bun cases with mixture half way up the case. Don’t be tempted to put more in or you won’t be able to fit in the strawberrys.

Oven bake fan 160c until spongy, don’t wait until they have turned brown, this is too long. Usually 20 mins will do it but each oven varies. hand plain bun

hey presto cupcakes!

Once cool, then add a layer of raspberry jam to each bun. Yes… I said these buns were Strawberry cupcakes but I personally find the cakes too sweet if I use strawberry, so, raspberry jam it is as its a little sharper. hand jam bun

were jammin..

Then slice small strawberrys to sit n top of the jam, they need to be small or your bun will break up when eaten. They should be sitting on top of your buns in a nice orderly fashion.

bun strawberrys

Time to make the cream cheese frosting ( although you can do this while the buns are baking to save time)

Soften the butter, and mix together with the cream cheese, add the icing sugar through a sieve until you have a stiff buttercream. It needs to be stiff to hold the biscuits and a strawberry on top. When desired consistency is achieved, add the vanilla paste, the lovely vanilla seeds will peep through, giving a nice gentle sweetness.

Using a piping nozzle of your choice, mine was a star nozzle, pipe a generous amount of icing onto your cupcake, making lots of grooves for the biscuit to sit in and a nice tall tower to parade your pretty strawberry!


Bash up your biscuits until a fine crumb is achieved and sprinkle generously over the frosting. This is what gives it the cheese cake taste and texture.

And for the grand finale..the pretty strawberry

top  view bunfront view bun

Chill in the fridge until ready to eat.

And……..enjoy. Mwah x