Cornish castle chaos


The stunning Cornwall coastline is one that keeps me longing for more,  8 hours in the car means that we do not visit often, in fact I’ve only been 2 times in my entire life! We visited this summer and tried to cram as much as we possibly could into our 10 days.

armed with 3 kids, endless crap that you need to keep them, fed, watered, clothed, lubed and medicated through the day, an off roading buggy and a flask of tea for me, we purchased a book about all the”best” beaches in Cornwall.

(ISBN 978 085025 422 8)

It proved to be the best book ever listing so many beaches we hadn’t even heard of, lots of information too on accessibility, local amenities, parking, disabled/pram access, dog friendly, etc, so armed with the book we headed out most days to explore.

We headed to Marazion, to the great castle in the sea that is St Michaels Mount. The kids weren’t too fussed about the castle, and we were so busy trying to watch that they didn’t fall from a turret that we were glad to escape to the gardens…

the gardens are beyond belief, Ive never seen anything as stunningly beautiful in England before. The whole island has its own micro climate and because of this tropical plants of all varieties grow and flourish here. They are 20 times as big as what you would see in that lovely warm area in your local garden centre, all blooming with flowers and curly leaves, hidden around corners and winding pathways.

We would have stayed all day, except the tide was coming in and I didn’t fancy lugging my off roader down 30 stone steps to the boat, along with 3 kids and the army of essential crap.

I have to say though, I also sampled the crab linguini and a cornish cider which along with the gardens made my day!


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